What To Consider When Travelling With Your Pet On Airlines

Are you going to travel with your pet soon? If you do, you need to choose the right airline and their pet policies. You need to know if your pet can fly in the cabin with you, the restriction and if the animal needs a cargo hold.

Pet Passports

If you are travelling internationally with your dog or cat, you may need to plan this in advance and see the specific requirement for your pet to get a pet passport. You need to know pet import rules that will make travelling with the animal safer and enjoyable.

Airline Pet Travel

Once the passport and other required documents and travel tickets are made, it is time to travel. There are three ways that you can transport your animal. You can have them in-cabin, through checked baggage, or manifest cargo.

In-cabin. This is probably the safest way to travel with your pet. You can be with pet while you are on the air. The pet will fly as an adult passenger and travel in an airline compliant carrier that is placed safely under the seat.

Checked baggage. This is when pets are placed in the cargo hold while their owners are in the cabin. Their owners are not permitted to see them while in the cargo and their pets will be given back to them once they land.

Manifest cargo. This type of transportation is made for very large pets that are unaccompanied by their owners.

Make sure to know how you can safely transport your animals since being in the air for a long time can stress them. However, if you do this correctly, expect your dog or cat to enjoy your destination.